ON AUGUST 12, 2004 AT 11:56 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

There are Many Saints present with Me as I speak My Words, though it is difficult for many human beings to accept or adjust to the obvious fact that at this time I am openly speaking through one small voice, encouraging, and also allowing all degrees of mentalities to more fully understand My Closeness to human life, and in many ways, delivering degrees of My Divine Plans.

At this time in which so much is being delivered by Me to awaken the human understanding that All the Writings that have been put into formal script, there were reasons for this.  Granted, Some were not all exactly as They were dictated to be, but it was a learning process for them to partake in, but also for those who would read the Words, helping them to better understand the importance, and the various duties, actions of human beings.

The word ‘mankind’ is oftentimes thought of in only the masculine state of speaking or of hearing, but it is usually delivered to be understood to acknowledge both male and female human beings.

So much has been spoken through This Gift of Communication through one small voice, to thousands who, in reality, only partial of them could hear the Words direct, but the written Words were to give them the privilege not to be left out of such important concepts of what would be expected of them, and necessary for them to accommodate Divine Will, for their Souls to one day be returned in a State of Purity, and understanding of the Divine Love for It.

The little one We use.  We smile when We say this next Statement:  In what you call twenty-four hours a day, We oftentimes use them almost to the fullest timing available, thus to give to others either in speech or in script, What We know will go through this little one and be addressed according to Our Will because of the necessity for which It is delivered.

Granted, so much has occurred in Instruction over a period of time, that basically should be strengthening to the mentalities in helping them to better understand how close each human being lives to The Divine.

I could speak hours through this little one, but the littleness she is could not accept the Power We Are in such an amount of time, but My last Words do not mean that We do not speak to her in a different manner, way and reasonability.  She is so used to Us, that even though she worries when We are about to speak, she knows that she has been given the Task to repeat physically, or through script, because script is usually remembered for a longer span of time, and oftentimes gives strength inconceivable, but not always understood to be as powerful as It is delivered to the human mind.

As I close this today, she is never without Our Presence, but I must add to this:  No human being is without Our Presence.  That is why it is so important for human lives to understand the Soul is constantly accompanied by Divine Love, Divine Hope, Divine Influence and Divine Care.  I will say, ‘Hopefully, this will be remembered.’”

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