ON AUGUST 14, 2004 AT 11:20 AM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

Many Saints Who stand Here with Me smile, because They are so happy to see The Divine Love, the love for The Divine, and the hope that those present consistently show by their devotions and their abilities to believe in how love for The Divine would be revealed in such a Personal, yet open manner and degree.

I hold the little one in a steady position because of the Power that I use to give her the strength to endure My Time that I Will to deliver to others with her, My Love, My Will, My Way, and that I have chosen This Time to reveal to all who will read the Words, that My Presence is constantly available when they pray, or they even think of Me in some way.

I know it is difficult for some to believe that I would address My Will, My Love, My Way through one such as they are, but it should give strength, and a deeper understanding of the Closeness I have with every human life, every moment of every day.

Today as I speak, the little one says, ‘God, maybe they won’t believe because I am not a Saint.’ I say to her: ‘Their innate Faith in Who I Am will give them the strength to believe that in My Presence at this time, I truly stand in the Heavens and speak from Where I Am.  This reassures them that as I am present in this way, I am always present when they pray.’

My Blessing goes forth through the Words I will say: In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.”

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