ON DECEMBER 3, 2004 AT 1:16 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

It is a sadness at this time, as many other times, because of this little one’s sacrifice that is requested to help others understand the indepthness in how I Will others to see her, because to work for the Salvation of Souls is not a matter or means or way or joy to a human life.  It is all based on My Requests, due to the number of Souls that need help to grow stronger morally, mentally, physically, psychologically and obediently.

So much has been delivered through This Gift in which I have placed so much effort to give others the importance of how they live, how they speak, how they act, how they think:  Is it in kindness or rejection?  Is it in hope or despair, or is it in egotism, ignoring that through their Soul, I am always there?

I will close My Words, but as I do I say, ‘Human lives must learn that the Gift of this life is to return a Portion of it called “the Soul” to from Where It came a long time ago.’”

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