ON FEBRUARY 5, 2005 AT 12:15 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

There are Many Others, Saints, Angels, present Here with Me, because They, too, are interested in The Gift of Divine Love that exists through one small voice, but one who will, in many ways, never fail the Task of repeating Wording that is intended to give strength, hope, assurance, based on Divine Love.

The Power I use to speak These Words is difficult for her body, for in many ways she is fragile to the Power that she is confronted with day by day.

There are so many ways human beings of all ages have the privilege to one day arrive Here in the Heavens and be called ‘Saints’.

Let us take the path that would be necessary to aid one’s Soul in this rank of direction for It.  So many times when an individual is reminded that they are the custodian of a Portion of Divine Love, namely ‘the Soul’, It is a Gift beyond what they understand It to be, but in the Creation of human life, in the beginning, the Soul became an Important Part of this living manner in the human way.

So little is being spoken on the Presence of an individual’s Soul.  It is not a thing of the past; It is a Gift of Divine Love that always has been, is now, and always will be.  Without the Soul there would be less moral strength, less humility, and less understanding that the Goal for human life was to become ‘a Saint’.

I could speak hours on this Gift of Divine Love that is so important to know about in one’s own manner of living, that within them they have a Gift Greater than the human life was in the beginning, when It was created to walk a path, giving to human life a Reality, a Purpose, and yes, a Goal for a Future Life of living.

I will close, because My Words will be to some difficult to handle, but sound logic in the Kingdom of Heaven will once again give to those who read the Words, a beautiful understanding that the Goal for human life is based on their Soul to one day return to Heaven.”

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