ON FEBRUARY 16, 2005 AT 12:25 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

What I am about to say may be shocking to those who will read the Words, but I guarantee you, I speak in Truth.

There are thousands and thousands and thousands of human beings searching in very many places for the ability and the logic they want to hear openly spoken regarding that there is a Heaven, there is a Hell, and there is a Purgatory.  Also, along with this concern, there is another question.  They ask it all the time. ‘Heavenly Father, if You are for Real and there is a Heaven, can You promise me that one time, one day I will be with You for All Eternity?’ The Heavenly Father smiles at this remark, because it is said with sincerity, hope, and an innate love for What is Divine.

Children should be reminded that when they speak a prayer, they should feel that they are communicating with The Divine.  When they ask for help with Someone they cannot see, they cannot feel, but they want to be there as a Saint, tell them there are Many Saints Who listen every day for someone to speak to Them so They can help in some way, maybe not the way the individual chooses to be, but there is always a response the Heavenly Way.

Hours could be spent on this subject alone, but as These Words pour forth and They are read, you can be sure that as you read These Words and your love for The Divine shows in how you do it, why you do it, and in the terms you use, you will be sure to find some manner, some way, some degree of help, I promise you, because in the Creation of All there is, and in The Divine Way of showing how They care, never think you have not been answered, because Someone is always available to hear what you have to speak and always ready to help if the help is right, and in the right way.

As I close I say, ‘Those who take These Words and those who will read Them can be assured, your Soul is the recipient of all you think, say and do, and your Soul is as close to The Heavenly King as His Love is for you.’”

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