ON APRIL 14, 2005 AT 1:41 PM


“Yes, there are Several of Us present.  We always smile at her count.  I am Saint Christopher.  The Others want to speak also, but They are smiling and saying, ‘Saint Chris, You speak.’

One of the Greatest Gifts when One becomes ‘a Saint’:  that is to be given permission to help those who are yet in the living state to avoid what could be detrimental to their Soul, by having the ability to, and the permission from The Creator to intercept, to intercede, and to help them avoid marring their Soul, by maybe just an act of getting them to move away from the spot they were standing in.

When someone sins, and others know that the sin could be avoided, it is a sadness to the Souls of more than one.  I beseech you to remember this.  Through purity of the mind, the habits, and how an individual uses how they think, there is always time to change and remember that there is more than one way to correct a situation or a prank.

The Soul is so Important and yet never seen, but the very fact of a human being having a conscience and the choice to choose right over wrong, is the greatest Gift a human can have.  It gives them the privilege to make the choice.

The Father, in His Love for human life, gives this privilege, allowing the individual to choose what The Father Wills is best for the Soul, because one day the Soul will be in sight.

So much can be spoken on things such as these are, but never forget:  You have the privilege to choose and the right to say what you will, but always remember, your Soul depends totally on you.”

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