ON AUGUST 2, 2005 AT 12:40 PM


“There are Seven of Us present.  We gather in a very happy manner, because it is a privilege to be able to speak openly for others to put into print the Beauty and the Importance of This Gift of The Father’s Love, assuring those who have been and will be created, that there are many things to think about and to understand regarding the importance of what The Father Willed to instill into human beings:  love of The Divine, but also respect, concern, and a certain amount of caring about each other.  It is automatically instilled, and it shows each time one or two or more gather.  Sometimes they do not understand why they are thinking so personally, so caring, so sincere, but it is because of how they think and how they associate with Others like themselves in Heaven.

Heaven is not Something to just think about.  It is a Place of Divine Love for those who have a Soul, to be able to enter The Kingdom of Heaven and obey The Heavenly King on what He Wills Them to think, say and do, to perpetuate more like Themselves who are yet upon the earth and will one day have the opportunity for their Soul to be placed in Heaven.

The Words I have just spoken may be difficult for some to fathom, but as you seek a goal for many things, many times in how you live, what you want, and yes, things you do, the Soul that exists within you at this time, wants to return to from Where It came, Divine.

As I close These Words, it is sad for Me, because Many of Us Here in the Heavens would not just enjoy, but cherish speaking to those yet in the living state regarding the Soul that they are the custodian of, and that the Soul is Special in every way.

As I close, or I should say, We close Our time at this time, We All want you to remember:  Purity of mind and body cause the Soul happiness, joy, and the Gift of Heaven.”

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