ON AUGUST 8, 2005 AT 12:33 PM


“There are Many of Us present, too numerous to mention all the Names, but I assure you, We are All happy to participate in This Gift of The Father’s Love for human lives.

To be a human being has many responsibilities, and there are many differences in how individuals born at the same time, think, speak, and express in so many ways, a difference in attitude and many other things.

Let us take now a Time in the History of human life, the Birth I chose to be created in.  The date was normal to many human beings, but when I announced My Name and Who I Was, it drew much attention and many other subjects for individuals of all ages to be happy about, to be interested in, and yes, use that particular time to feel they had Someone to stand for them when they decided to make decisions, that others may not realize would be favorable in many ways on different conditions, but they would be practical, giving strength to what the subject matter was all about.

I speak so differently at this time, but there will be some who will read the Words and they will feel, in their manner of understanding, a closeness to The Divine that will give them hope, strength and a Goal to one day reach for their Soul.  The list is endless.

We hold the little one tightly because of the importance of how she walks, how she must speak.  The Responsibilities are boundless, because she repeats What We Will her to speak in the presence of others, thus giving to them also, how close We are every moment of every day to them, along with her at given times.

We will close at this time, but We will return because of the importance of what Our Presence means to those who hear What We have to say and the importance of the subject matter that gives strength in many ways.”

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