ON AUGUST 12, 2005 AT 2:09 PM


“Yes, I am Saint Anthony Mary Claret.

There are so Many of Us present, because of the Importance of how The Creator, in the Creation of human beings, human lives, directed all things according to what was proper, what was logical, and what would be most satisfying to the mentality of each type, each background, always considering the result must be Heavenly Guided, Heavenly Guarded, and the Purpose for the individuals to return to The Heavenly King.

I know I speak differently, but Many of Us are always present where this little one is, and I add to this, where many of you are present, because you see, the time you spend with others is always important to Us, due to the fact that you live in a time wherein the ‘enemy’ of The Heavenly Father and human living, human lives, wants to corrupt what is so perfect, wants to destroy what is so privileged, and wants to kill a Portion of how an individual is morally obligated to return to The Creator as ‘a Saint’.

I could speak hours, endless hours on this subject; maybe someday I will have to.

Always remember, you were created with a Portion of The Creator within you, and that Gift of Divine Love never leaves you because It was given as the Protector of your Soul to one day return to from Where It came and live with The Creator Forever and ever and ever, but the Soul was given a task of protecting the one in whom It was placed.  The Soul does not want to be a victim of weakness, or rash judgments, or disbelief!”

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