ON AUGUST 30, 2005 AT 3:03 PM


“There are Many of Us present.  It is always a delight when We hear that Words will be spoken that are not just ordinary, but Words either of Direction or commitment, or Words to give hope in how an individual lives.

There are Three of Us standing together.  We are ready to partake in a Great Miracle.  The Miracle is at This Time, Wording to encourage all ages of human living to understand that the Gifts of human way, human life, have a purpose to strengthen certain situations, conditions, and also to give hope when and where it is needed.

You live in a time wherein so many things are different than they could claim to be many years ago.  The changes are to give strength, dignity and purpose to and for the lives of thousands and thousands of human beings.  It is amazing how much strength courage can induce.  It is amazing that how much knowledge can encourage a human being to feel secure; also, the ability to participate, the ability to contribute one’s knowledge, one’s facts, one’s interest, and one’s courage to stand up for what is not just profitable, but strengthening to one’s will and to one’s abilities regarding knowledge.

Let Me take now why the importance of Spiritual understanding is such a great asset to a human being.  It is important for thousands of individuals to understand that the very thought of The Heavenly Ones instills hope, communication, and also a unification of Will, of Stature, and of the ability and the privilege to be able to speak to Someone Who is titled to be ‘a Saint’.

You live in a time in which so much is changing, so much is becoming more evident to your mentality, and to your ability to participate in things, whether they are just verbal or a participation that is physical, that give interest to the mind and the perception of what could be, that would be more interesting, or that give more to life physically, mentally, morally.

As you say your prayers each day, no matter what time you choose, remember, you are heard, and even though you do not hear a confirmation of what you have just spoken, you have the strength to feel that you were heard, and then the strength to persevere in doing what you feel would be not just practical but feasible for certain areas in which you live, and you know others who also could use what you decided would be practical to your way of living or give strength to your knowledge, thus giving you abilities to persevere under conditions not usual to you.

The greatest thing you can learn is that, One:  You should accept that there is a Divine Creator that is always present.”

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