ON SEPTEMBER 7, 2005 AT 11:55 AM


“The first time I asked The Heavenly One if I could print What I felt He spoke, He said to Me, ‘Yes, Son, I am sure You will do it in Honor of Who I Am, and for the good of Souls.’

So much could be spoken on the importance of words, because what they contain has meaning, purpose, reasonability, and oftentimes depicts a very important subject that could give hope to an individual, or more than one human being, because the Gift of speech was designed to be able to speak words in a continuous form, manner, way, for a purpose to be understood for more than one word would say, but also, the communication through the voice is of the greatest importance, because the sound puts strength in what is spoken, and many times does more than if the words were just put into words.

I hold the little one tightly, because I use her so many times for things I would like to speak to everyone individually, but that would be an impossibility because of the number of human lives that would be available, if it were one at a time.

I love those who accept What I have given through one small voice, because in the Words, there is a Message beyond what the Words with sound would have been able, enable, unable to penetrate for a given, lengthy time.

I speak so differently each time I speak through this little one, because there is so much to be spoken, due to how I feel about human lives.

I will close My Words at this time, but I promise you, each time I speak, even if you cannot hear Me, I bless you from The Divine.”

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