ON NOVEMBER 7, 2005 AT 12:53 PM


“I am Saint Peter Canisius.

I smile when I say My Name to this little one.  She says to Me, ‘I have not heard from You in a long time.’ Those Here with Me smile at her remark, because when she was a student of Mine, she was very frank about everything, very genteel, and wanted all things to be what they should be according to God’s Will.

As you know, there are Thousands of Saints, and in this great amount, and this desire to work for The Holy Trinity, Each Saint loves to hear Their Name called and for Them to be remembered which State that Their Soul is in.

What is a Soul?  Do you know?  Do you think about It?  Has It ever been explained to you in full measure, full detail?

The Soul is What represents you many times, but you only think of your physical or your speech being the connecting link.  The Soul is an Important Factor in every human life, because the Soul is That Portion that is to return to from Where It came, and It is eager to do all that is correct, beneficial and right.

I speak this way because as so many of you here where you are, are willing, even happy to put into script What We Here in the Heavens desire you to know, so others will learn that the Souls are willing to speak, but also, to aid in Wording, the Goal that awaits every human being.

The Soul is not felt or seen when life is available.  It is called ‘a Living Thing’, but the Soul is with you every moment of every day.  The Soul is That Portion of The Creator that gives you strength, or sometimes the right answers for you to say.

My final Words at this point in time is to tell you:  to be created a human being is a Lesson and a Gift far greater than it is seen to be.  It has a Purpose.  It has a Reason, and it has a Goal for That Portion of it, the Soul, that will be returned to from Where It came at another time, another day, another way.

You are Blessed abundantly each time you take These Words that are spoken to bring you up-to-date how close you are to The Divine Way, The Divine Will, and The Divine Love for you as an individual, male or female.  Remember this.”

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