ON FEBRUARY 13, 2006 AT 1:47 PM


She’s smiling.  She says:

“We hear the discussion you are having on so many important facts regarding the necessity for spirituality, the duty for which it stands for the Souls of many, many people, but also, how much is covered verbally by the Importance of what the Soul stands for, stands in, or abides by.

The beauty of discerning so many things is because one has the chance to use many words that they would not ordinarily use in discussing other situations or conditions, or habits or presumptions, or interest of what they would be talking about.

Today is an important day, but then tomorrow will be an important day; and also, every day in the past had an importance to it, in it, regarding your Soul and the way you would act.

Small children are not all being instructed in a way and degree discernible to their mentalities, because those speaking do not have the initiative or the sensitivity, or I would say the exactness in knowing what would be most beneficial to the mental of the individual standing there, wanting to know more.

Many of you who take These Words have heard many times, ‘You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.’ Is that not so?  There were many times in the past in which Sodom and Gomorrah was only one time that was remembered as being a time detrimental to the Souls of thousands, or even millions of people.  When I say ‘people’, I do not choose all extraordinarily educated human beings, because many times an individual may have very little formal learning, but his or her sensitivity and understanding of what is pure over impure, just over unjust, hope over despair, love over hate, has more benefits to it than one could compare it to.

I will close, for I would like to speak hours, due to the fact that those who take These Words have the sensitivity, the earnestness and the sincere love for The Divine to want what is correct be correct, what is wrong be seen as wrong, what is a Blessing over what is just made-up excuses for wrongs.

I close, but as I do, I say, ‘Never forget you have the privilege, you have the opportunity, you have the sincerity and you have the Faith to talk to The Heavenly One in a manner of dignity and sincere sincerity on what you want to be heard as, because it is important for your Soul to be remembered in this state of living.’”

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