ON MAY 5, 2006 AT 11:55 AM


“There are Many of Us present to greet you today.  Many of Them are Saints that you pray to when you say prayers your way.

I am Saint Margaret Mary.  I am Saint Joan.  I am Saint Peter; and you must know you are not alone.  The Others are standing by here, smiling at you.  I could name Them All, but We want to say some Words to you because of the Importance of your being a human being, and that one day you will stand before The Creator and be told in which direction to go; hopefully it will be in the Upper Place, because then, you see, you will be with Him Face to face.

I know I speak differently through this little one, but I do it to let you see and know and understand, that many times when you say a prayer, the Saint Who receives the words you speak is there, but you see no sign or sound from the Saint, but the Presence is evident because you care.

Throughout the world, The Saints are continuously present from every direction, because They knew when They were created, the Responsibilities of a Saint.  They knew They would have to be close to you many times and not be seen, but it wasn’t a risk.  It was a Gift of Divine Love that caused this to happen, caused this to be.

So many human beings do not know that they have the privilege to one day be Here Where I am and be called ‘a Saint’.  A Blessing of This Measure is tremendous, because It gives hope and more understanding.

So, as I close My Words at this time, I do it and say, ‘Do not forget, you are Loved by The Divine, and it is your way of living that will share many things with Them, and one day the time will come and you will live with Them.’

I bless you from the Heavens and I say, ‘I know through this little one you may be surprised to hear, but you are Loved in many ways, and your Soul is the recipient of all things you are and you will to be, and hopefully It will be called “a Saint”.’”

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