ON MAY 8, 2006 AT 2:25 PM


“I am your Heavenly Father.

A long time ago, when it was decided to create human beings, human lives, much was thought about and much interest developed regarding the Importance that human life would be created for, with, and in.

In the first Creation there is very little known about, because it was created by a different degree, mentality of a living situation.  When the final decision came to a conclusion, it verified itself by the happiness that Those Present openly caught sight of the Magnitude, of the Value that The Father Willed for this to be:  His Love to be spread for All Eternity.

Thousands of Words could be used on this condition, situation that was to express, to share, and to create human life in the manner and way The Heavenly Creator, God Himself, felt would bring happiness in many ways.  Granted, the original designs turned out to be a step into the Light that The Divine Love radiated lovingly, pleasantly, and hopefully.

So many Stories came to pass, and so much work was evident to be needed to fulfill this Gift that would please The Heavenly King, The Heavenly Father, because of His Divine Love for wanting more to be created to share with Him the Goal for a Happiness Greater than it could ever be known.

Much can be spoken on this multiple chapter on the Creation of human life, but always remember, it was created based on Divine Love and Divine Willingness to share All the Gifts of Heaven.  No Greater Gift of Love could there be, than to be created what would be designed by The Heavenly King.

Always remember, you are Loved, and you were created to share All the Gifts of Divine Love that have grown to be multiple in number and Gifts far greater than the human mentality can possibly, fully understand.  That is why it is so important to pray to The Heavenly King, The Creator of All Things, and then to The Heavenly Mother for accepting the Responsibility of so many things.

Love of The Divine is consistent and Holy.  No human being born to the world of human living could ever not see what a Precious Gift human life is, because it has a Goal for all human lives to return to Heaven That Portion called ‘the Soul’.”

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