ON MAY 15, 2006 AT 12:17 PM


“I hold the little one tightly because of the Importance in how she walks, thinks, speaks, acts, and is available to hear What We Will her to know, to follow, to deliver, and to be able to describe Every Word in It that will give purpose for what she is requested to do, to speak, to follow, to address, and be the dispenser of.

When We chose this little one a long time ago, We prepared her in every facet of what she would be responsible for, to, with and how.  For several years now, she has been in service to The Divine, for Divine Plan to be able to be delivered to others who would more fully understand the reasonability for certain things to take place and to be planned in the proper manner, way, value, to aid or to consult what would be important for the Souls of millions of human beings.

Granted, she could not face the millions in the human way, but many things were to be put into script so They could be read by those who would have the privilege to read Them, because as We speak through her, We deliver what is Willed by The Holy Trinity.

As you walk each day, you follow a pattern of how you think and what you say, but you have other things you are prepared to take care of, personal in every way.  That is why, in This Gift of Divine Love, so much has been released so others could understand more fully that to be in the human life that you are, to have it as a means to give your mentality, your sight, your manner of living, the privilege to go on, because there is a Future to your life, and that is to one day become ‘a Saint’.  Your Soul awaits this time.  Your Soul tries very hard to help you more fully understand the Purpose for life is to return to The Creator as a Saint.

Many would not expect Me to speak this way, but I do it to remind you, to alert you, and to give you the strength to persevere to fulfill The Father’s Will for you.

I bless you and I say, ‘Each time I have ever spoken to you, it was always because The Father, in Divine Love, meant it to be that way.’”

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