ON MAY 19, 2006 AT 11:45 AM


“We are All happy to see consideration, caring and an obedience to obligation taken with so much concern and human belief.

The world has been Blessed many times by the Power I Am and how I Will so much human consideration, understanding, belief and courage, because these things are oftentimes the foundation for good to occur, and to win over indifference and/or wrong understanding.

I hold the little one tightly because her body responds to the sorrow of others, the hurts of others, and the need for more logical facts to be done.

The human mind was gifted, always has been gifted with an innate understanding that logic in all situations bases the facts on truth, thus allowing it to be easier to follow a path that is Blessed because of the value of truth over other symptoms of communication.

I will close now, but the little one knows I must return as I always do, because My Will within her gives her the strength to endure what We, Here in the Heavens, cast upon her to give strength to others in the human way.  We All smile because, by passing It through her, It automatically goes to those she cares about, but she is close to comes first.

So Many of Us Saints Here are so thankful for This Gift The Father has instilled into a little one like she is, but It is, has and will serve what the Soul expects It to, because the Soul is That Link between The Divine and you.”

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