ON JUNE 23, 2006 AT 2:10 PM


“There are Several Here.  I am Saint Athanasius.  I am Saint Patrick.  I am Saint Josaphat.  There are Several More of Us present, but We have come today to let you know that We are behind you, around you one thousand percent, because of the manner in which you have accepted your responsibilities in service to The Creator of All Things.

I sound dramatic on this point, I know, but sometimes it is forgotten to be seen as important as it really is, and that is why Some of Us Here in the Heavens like to give a few Words, to give more of a deep feeling about what occurs between All of Us.

To be a Saint in Heaven is a Gift of Divine Love, but it also carries a burden, and that is to give hope to thousands of human beings who are yet in the living state, especially when they pray to One of Us.  We try very hard to make them think about what they just did, and what they said, how they feel, or what they need help on.

You live in a time that in many ways can increase in what is morally correct, morally beneficial and morally pleasing to The Creator.  All things are not acceptable when you feel you are in the mode to make failure remarks, motions, and use time in the wrong way.

So many times when We see someone walking the earth who could one day be ‘a Great Saint’, it makes Us so happy, but then if the individual suddenly causes something to occur and We see nothing but immorality, impurity, injustice, and a lack of respect for The Holy Trinity, it brings despair unbelievable to All of Us.

These Words We want you to know, because They are Words to help you always remember that the Goal of Heaven is the Greatest Gift that you could ever receive, because Here in Heaven you are with The Holy Trinity.  Remember this, and Several of Us say It together: ‘Please make Heaven your Goal for All Eternity.’”

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