ON JULY 28, 2006 AT 11:50 AM



“In the first Creations designed for human beings, human bodies, human men and women, We thought of all the decisions that would be necessary to fulfill a Gift of this Magnitude that would eventually be assigned talents and many decisions on how to think and how to practice the needs of the human life, because the human life would be based on certain facts that would not be understood at first, what they were created to be.

We hold the little one tightly, and We know that those who are with her have no concept of what she endures to repeat what We request of her.  Even the most learned individuals throughout the world would be incapable unless they are trained by Us to follow, to understand, and to reveal what We Will others to know.

There are no secrets in this Field of Communication, because what We try to instruct you with, They are not secrets.  They are actually Gifts to aid you and to give you the strength to follow physically, mentally, psychologically, socially, actions, sounds that are taken for ordinary means in the world you live in today.

We do not like to put this little one through what she endures to hear Us so explicitly, because the body is very, very small, weak, and not used to being used for things other than the natural manner of living.

Each day We speak to you, We try to introduce you to the importance of many things, because communication with others like yourselves is truly a Gift of Divine Love.  Also, how you act and others follow, you must understand that what others see you do should be personal and dignified; and actually, the manner you do it in should be how you would want others to treat you.

I am using a Power in this little one, because I want so much for you to fully understand that in the Creation of human beings, it is created to give to a portion of it, a Soul.  The Soul is Part of The Divine, not always understood in this Measure, this Greatness, this Grandness, but nonetheless, true.  Human beings are created to one day return a Portion of them to The Ones Who created them.

I will close now, but as I do, I remind you:  Every creation of human life is a Gift far greater than it is accepted to be, because the mentality of human beings is many times only capable of discerning what they sense, or what little they have learned regarding how they think, how they hear, how they see, and yes, the Goal for which one day they will be directed to, by The Holy Trinity.”

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