ON AUGUST 2, 2006 AT 2:05 PM


“I am Saint Anna Maria Goretti. (She’s smiling.)

I have come on this day because of the sadness Many of Us feel where there is so much not being cared about by those who are supposedly in charge of direction, and also those who are supposedly capable of instructing verbally on many important facts to help the Souls, because of how the Souls are taken care of after the fact, showing the necessity for responsibilities.

What I have spoken may be difficult for some to fully understand, but times like this become often, especially when the subject is so important and it deals with the Souls of one or more human beings.  The condition of the Souls is oftentimes a sadness, because the Soul is the recipient of so many adverse, unkind, selfish motives, ideas, or even classifications in how They stand in The Divine Will and Way.

Many of Us Saints Here in the Heavens want so much for more logical, beneficial, important Facts be delivered for all generations of human beings to find more advantage to learning about Divine Will, Divine Way, Divine Presence, Divine Love, because it is so important for the mentalities of human beings to stress the importance of being close to The Divine, and willing to share with The Divine what is important for the Soul of themselves or for those with whom they are active mentally, socially, in many ways.

All of Us Saints Here in the Heavens could talk hours on what We would like to discuss with those in the living state, because there is so much not being recognized as being of great importance for the Souls that are yet to come to Where We are, and become ‘Great Saints’.

There is so much to discuss, but there are so few individuals who find what We want to say of an importance that they can handle, they can guide and they can use, because many times they find themselves wanting to walk away because of their lack of understanding of what a close association human lives have with The Saints Here in the Heavens.

I know I speak differently, but what I speak is as close to the Wording that I can meet, because there are so many different versions of how something can be spoken, because there are so many different so-called ‘backgrounds, nationalities, understanding’, that cannot always sound like it is the exact Wording that could be met for the disposition, the understanding of what the Words mean at a given time.

I want to apologize, because there is so much We Saints Here in the Heavens would like to discuss, because of the Importance of the Souls that are yet upon the earth and need the protection necessary, so when the time comes and The Heavenly Father states a time they will no longer be in the living state, that all they stood for, all they acted upon, all they walked in would be sufficient to help them be named ‘Saints’.

I will close, and All Others Here with Me say, ‘Please remember, as you pray, offer a prayer that We Here in Where We are, will one day be able to be Saints for others upon the earth to know about Us, and to be able to pray to Us, and with Us, and for Us.’

Thank you for this time of your day.”

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