ON AUGUST 18, 2006 AT 11:45 AM


“I smile at this little one who in so many ways participates in many diversions, interests, calculations and understandings.  She says, ‘Heaven, please tell them I did not say Those Words.’ We All smile because she is always ready to protect what she feels will be either a lack of understanding, or uninteresting understanding, or too much to understand.

We know that it would be difficult for some, like you people here in this room, to understand how much We use a little one like this for, in, how and why.

She says, ‘Why do You say All These Words?’ We All smile and say, ‘How else could others know that Our Presence is here, and that you are the giver of what We would like others to hear?’

So much is given to This Gift that, in so many ways, has been Blessed abundantly by More than you could perceive to be, because even sometimes the Souls of human beings that are high in Grace, the Soul wants to speak when We speak, because the Soul wants others to feel the Presence of Who They are, What They are, and the fact that They have the ability to make sounds like other people.

I know I speak differently.  We All do at this time, but I assure you, the love you have for The Divine is greater than you know, and is accepted more in pleasure than you could possibly perceive it to be, so before I bless you from The Holy Trinity, I say with much Love, ‘You are gifted with a Gift far greater than you know It to be.’”

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