ON AUGUST 28, 2006 AT 11:50 AM


“The Gift of human life is a Gift beyond what it is understood to be, because the Gift of life has a Future.  The Future is Forever and ever to be with Me.  The Heavenly Father speaks this way, because of the Importance of a creation of such worth as a human life always shows to be.

Throughout the world there are millions of human beings who have no concept of what they, in walking as a human being, have the privilege to speak about, and to show refinement, goodness, and love for The Divine because of how they walk based on service to The Divine.  All the Words I could speak could never fully say how important every day is to human life, because every facet of human life has been gifted.

Let Us take a little by chance, one at a time.  First of all, the eyes, the nose, but it is through the mouth that so much is delivered to give strength to the rest of the body through foods, and through things that help when needed if there is some sort of illness that must be taken care of.  The hands are necessities for so many things to partake in human life, too numerous to mention at this time; and there are always the feet.  The feet say many things, but the feet cause the ability to stand strong, stand straight, no matter what one’s weight is.  Do not all these things say that to be created a human being is a Blessing of Divine Love far beyond many times what it is seen to be?

The little one We speak through is surprised We talk like this, but it is because We care and We want you to understand that at the moment of your birth, you did not have a choice, but you had a Gift to instill into you a Various Touch of Divine Love that nothing else really is the recipient of.

We hold the little one tightly because her body, in many ways, is weakened by Our Power that is far different than what she carries with her every day, but it is through Our Power that We are able to reach you in many ways.  A Blessing of This Nature is beyond human comprehension, but We plead with you to always be aware that you have been given a Gift Greater than you know It to be.  It is called ‘the Soul’, and the Soul is That Part of you that is expected to be returned to from Where It came and be called ‘Saint’.  Remember this.

We hold the little one tightly, but We will try to let her go slowly, because Each Word We speak has a Power in It beyond human understanding.”

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