ON OCTOBER 20, 2006 AT 11:55 AM


“There are so Many Who have requested Us to allow Them to be with this little one today.  She has no concept of how Many reach Us and request this, what They call, ‘Treasure to more readily, more fully understand how Important human life is, and how it is Blessed in so many ways by Divine Plan’.

As every human life faces a new day, they do not always see it as a Gift of Divine Love, but they look at it in a human acceptance of what it will be used for physically, mentally.  It is much happiness to Us when We hear them request help spiritually for the sake of their Souls, because That is basically the Most Important Part, the Most Important Living Part of human way.

Each time We speak Words through this little one, We do it in thanksgiving to The Creator of All Things, because it is His Divine Love that shares with you and thousands of other people, millions of other people, a Goal that will one day return the Souls to Where He is because of the Magnitude of Divine Love that is always present for every Soul created the human way.

Never forget These Words.  They are Words beyond what the human mentality wants Them to be or feels They are because, basically, it is based on a Gift far greater than the human mentality understands it to be.

To be created a human being is a Gift of Divine Love, Divine Hope, and yes, when the time comes and the Soul returns to from Where It came, All of Heaven shows a Joy that nothing else created can.”

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