ON NOVEMBER 2, 2006 AT 11:51 AM


“In My Creation of human life, in many ways it was a privilege because of Who requested it to be accomplished.  That One is still evident to the whole world because of What He Is, Who He Is, a Supreme Power Greater than the human mentality can perceive It to be.

There have been so many creations of human lives that the number is insurmountable in every facet of it, every person involved in it; and every degree of what was accomplished from the beginning of it was beyond and is yet beyond what the human mentality can fully receive and/or accept the Greatness of, the Importance of, the reality of course, of, and the importance of all it does daily, hourly, momentarily in so many ways, but for all good to be accomplished by it, from it, through it, in it, and because of it.

You who take My Words cannot fully comprehend All that is being delivered through you and yet to you, because the human mentality is, in many ways, one of a creations that was to give so much to the world.

I speak differently I know, but to explain what I am speaking about would take an insurmountable amount of Wording to give it the honor it deserves and the Divine Love that is in it throughout the whole world, but the world is much larger than anyone living understands it to be.  This is impossible for anyone to see.  That is why I have made it a point to deliver some Words I feel will help you to understand:  you do not just live on a land, you are part of the Creation of human life, and all human lives that came many, many, many years ago and are still being created in the same form, but the intellect is being helped to know more, to understand more, and to be able to be more thankful for What it is part of.

Today is a day, tomorrow will be a day, but if every human being could remember every day since the moment they were created, they could not remember everything that occurred:  every act, every thought, every word, every move.

I speak this way today, because it is important for those in the living state to know what a privilege they have been given, and that it has a Goal Greater than anything they can perceive It to be; and also, the Importance of the Blessing that was granted to every conception and still is to this day, and will always be this way through any time that lives live, lives are created, lives are given different degrees of mentalities.  Every day should be thanked to The Creator of All Things.”

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