ON NOVEMBER 10, 2006 AT 12:23 PM


“There are Several of Us present.  We designed it this way because of the little one We All like to be with, due to the fact that her honesty and her sincerity are Gifts that We enjoy receiving, due to the fact that so many times sincere words are not always truthful words, as We know hers to be.

The world has been Blessed abundantly.  By this, We mean the whole world does not receive what she speaks, but it can be transmitted through written Words, helping those far away to learn and to appreciate Facts that give hope, initiative, sincerity and justice in what They speak and how They present hope beyond what it is oftentimes seen as.

I know These Words may be different or difficult for some, but We speak These Words to allow Truth to be understood and the importance of Words to be seen for the value They are to every human being.

As We close, We All say together: ‘Never dismiss Heavenly Love, because It has many ways of sharing, always giving what is best to those who They know will be blessed.’”

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