ON NOVEMBER 13, 2006 AT 1:45 PM


“I am Saint Patrick.

I come on this day because of My past association with this little one that is and has always been used by so Many Individuals to accomplish worthwhile benefits, understandings, knowledge, and the will for productivity that is always based on a Gift of Divine Love for what it displays, it discussed and/or in many ways points to conditions that are necessary because of the Power or the Means that They were created to work on, with, for, by, in, for the results to be extraordinary.

We use this little one with joy, because We know she will repeat Our Words in a manner, the way, and for the reason she knows We are working to help others more fully understand what a Gift communication is, especially when it is based on Divine Plan.

I do not want to close, but I will because there are so many things that All of Us Here enjoy participating in with you, or for you, or for others to be able to learn more instinctly, more indepthly, a purpose for change, a purpose for aiding others to more fully understand what a Gift human life is to the mentality, to the physical and to the life of man.”

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