ON NOVEMBER 28, 2006 AT 1:56 PM


“There are Seven of Us present.

We were All with this little one when she was requested to follow in what would be dictated to her by Many of Us Here in the Heavens.  She accepted willingly and sincerely.  We immediately started to implant in her possible things We would ask of her to do.  She accepted without question, because she knew that We would have a purpose for what We would request and that possibly it would be of great importance in certain ways.

Today, as We speak through her, We are still happy to do so because of her considerations and her response to Us, even when We do not start the request with a prayer, letting her know that We truly care.

We speak differently through her now because of how long We have known her, which in reality is a very, very long time, many years ago.

As she greets each day expecting Us to be there, it is always a pleasure because of Our communication with Each Other.  We share what is to be addressed as important or that it needs to be handled by Others that We know.  It has always been a beautiful communication because of the trust We have for her, and her response to Us is always immediate and her caring shows.

Some who take These Words and put Them into print may not understand why We requested them to hear, but it is important, because for a Task as big as the One is in Which you all work in, Which you have all given your time to work, to serve, there are many things that must be handled with much respect, much sincerity, and much willingness to follow through for the good of the human role, and also, what the Souls of several might need help for, in, why and how.

Thank you for taking These Words, because it gives Us the chance to communicate on important issues that are frequent and in many ways give to certain lives, perhaps many lives, not just the willingness to follow, but the desire to do it with Divine Love because of Who We are using Our time for, with, is truly a Blessing greater than it shows, or greater than Many of Us know.

There is so much We could speak on that We truly want others to know; perhaps time will give Us the chance, because We, in Our Way, want to share what pleases Those in charge of This Great Miracle of Divine Love.”

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