ON DECEMBER 13, 2006 AT 12:40 PM


“The little one We chose a very long time ago is consistently and constantly available to aid what We Will her to do, to have, to show, and to be obedient of, because of the Importance of every human being’s Soul.

We speak many times through her, always to give to others how close We are to Divine Will, Divine Love, Divine Hope, and also the desire for The Divine to be heard, and show to others the importance of service to The Creator, but also for the good of Souls.

We bless the little one with a Cross, and as We do it, each time she says: ‘It is all right, God.  I know You are busy.’ We smile at this and say, ‘Our Time is important, but so is yours, because you live each moment of every day to furnish, to help, and to give strength to your Soul Who expects one day to return to The Creator, and be with The Creator Forever and ever and ever.’

We love this little one, but do not forget, We love all who participate in This Gift of Communication that so readily speaks of Words not thought about and not weak, but Words that address a Communication of Love for The Divine, but also Words that say, ‘We walk together, but We walk in line with what is right, what is good, what is moral and what is true,’ and then We say to The Heavenly One, ‘Thank You, God, for the privilege,’ that you are a great part of.”

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