ON AUGUST 26, 1973 AT 5:35 PM


“My beloved sons, my beloved daughters, I am Saint Bartholomew.  Many children do not pray to me.  Many children bear my name.  Many children forget the aim of the physical role God gave.  Many children seek out knowledge.  Many children perform in weak ways, for you see, they fear that to perform in great ways, they do not have the facts or energy.

I come through this child on this day to say to you, ‘Do not limit yourselves where your Soul is concerned.’ Do not say, ‘I cannot perform in service to God, I am not good enough,’ nor do not say, ‘I am too weak.’ Do not say, ‘I will love Him another day in my own way.’ Do not say, ‘He cannot love me.’ Do not say, ‘It’s for other men.’ Do not say, ‘I’m not strong enough to love as He wants me to.’ And do not say that the Commandments are not for you.  I, Saint Bartholomew say, ‘I want each of you to leave this land today, remembering the Ten Commandments He gave, for if you don’t, you are a fool.  If you don’t, you will perish in many ways.’

He says, ‘Thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.’ What do you idolize? Yourself? Other men? Material gain? Do you idolize other gods? Perhaps a figurine? For, you see, men idolize many things and they place these things before The Creator of all things.  I say to you today, ‘Be aware of this Commandment, for through it you will gain Grace, if you look into it and ask yourself what you do about it.’

And now, how many of you have, today, taken God’s Name in vain? How does this Commandment fit you? How does it crease your life? Did you say something today that would draw The Father down to human means? I could go on and on and on.

Also, before I go, I will say, ‘Today, did you covet thy neighbor’s goods in any way?’ Think about it.  Talk about it and ask yourself, did you, in any way, do anything against these three Commandments today? So be it.”

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