ON NOVEMBER 11, 1973 AT 1:50 PM


“Through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph mankind is learning how to stand in the world, work in the world, and yet, understand the Beauty of God’s Way.  For the first time in many years men are learning the Magnitude of the Ten Commandments once again, and I, Mary Magdalene, say to you today, ‘Be aware of the Commandments that He gave to one man one day.’

Children throughout the world are omitting these Commandments, for they are saying, ‘They are not of this day.’ But I, Mary Magdalene, bring forth to your mind now, one of special way, the third — ‘Remember, keep Holy the Sabbath Day’.  Men are forgetting that this Command from God says to go to Him at least once in seven days.  Go to Him, His Way.  Go to Him and pray.  Go to Him and receive What He Is.  Spend this time, for He gives you every other moment of every other day.

Sometimes children do not understand this Great Command from Him.  They become so involved in the world that they say, ‘I can pray at home.’ But what they forget is that only the Man of God has the power of change, and that is why it is so necessary to go where he is, not only to pray, but to receive Who He Is, to give strength; to pay Honor, to Revere, to see the Dignity of The Holy Trinity, and yes, to be fed the Food For Life.

Oh, my children, if you but knew the strife all around you, you would say, ‘Dear God, help me to keep that One Command for the good of my Soul, God’s Way.’ Keep this in mind, my children, it is necessary to obey the Commands He gave.  Children are forgetting them.  I, Mary Magdalene, suggest you remember them, for in remembering them, it is the first step to Sainthood His Way.

There are Others Here Whom He has directed to speak.  I do not fade away.  I walk away to give the Voice of Another the Words of Wisdom He has declared to be, through a child who walks totally for Divine Rule, giving to the world the Wisdom The Father says, the Hope and the Light and the Rule.  So be it.”

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