ON AUGUST 25, 1974 AT 1:52 PM


“I, Saint Mary Magdalene, say that many of you here today could have been my way, in my day.  But as you walk in the world in what you call, ‘the modern day, the modern way’, you do not understand that to walk in the way of sin is truly not for man.  It is the satan way, the enemy way.  It is the power of Hell that governs you.

So, bear in mind, the Commandments that God gave to a man for you to come to The Divine.  There is one very important one: ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery.’ Bear in mind it’s number six.  It means many things more than this.  So as you listen on this day, do not forget the Commandments that He gave to a man to draw you to Him are good, even in your day.  So be they old, be they modern, they are not new.  They are the Rules that should govern you.

So as I bless you with His Love, certainly not in a priestly way, but through the Power of His Faith, Hope in you, I say, ‘Walk conscious of the Commandments, conscious of what they say, and yes, be aware of the sins against each one, for you see, these sins will not allow you to enter His Gates one day.’ But satan is waiting, laughing at Him.  So today, bear in mind, you have the will, you have the way, you have the Commandments to be governed by today.  So be it.”

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