ON AUGUST 15, 1977


“The Society Of The Little Way has been founded to strengthen the moral values in the world and to teach women the beauty of womanhood and the example it should be.  It is sometimes easier to pray through the action of work, physically and mentally, than it is to pray with our hands folded.

The Society Of The Little Way has been founded to re-establish the fundamental truths, bound with a strong foundation, to be a fortress of strength through service to God in established areas that will motivate women to look for a sense of balance in the role of life that God intended.

The action of this Society is to promote vocations, utilizing all talents that will aid and give strength to the moral values and standards of the physical and mental of all men and women.

The Society Of The Little Way is not an organization for fanatics.  It is not an organization for liberals or conservatives.  It is an Organization dedicated to save Souls.  It is not a rehabilitation center for drug abusers, alcoholics, lesbians, or psychotics.  It is a Society for mentally healthy, active, dedicated people, desiring to fulfill God’s Will.”

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