ON SEPTEMBER 27, 1992 AT 11:10 AM


“I never like to threaten mankind.  I try in all ways to alert mankind to the beauty of loving Me, so that mankind will see the Importance of The Commands I gave, that have lasted 3,000 years.

There have been many times before 3,000 years and during these 3,000 years that man has cast Me aside, frivolously acting against all I Decreed should be.

I have just taken this small one I use to distant places, showing the devastation that has been occurring in so many places.  This devastation, that is difficult for mankind to handle, has no comparison to what satan has planned for man:  such ugliness, such demonic pleasure.

My Son suffered for this, and the time in which you live is a great sadness because selfishness radiates, indecencies are constant.  Mankind is ignoring My Will and accepting all presentations of impure pleasures.

My Commandments were given for the protection of each one’s Soul.  Man is ignoring This Precious Gift, because he says, ‘It is not Part of God; It is Something I earned.’ Not so.

I will speak more at a later time, but I come today to let you know this child of Mine is never out of My Sight or out of My Control.  So be it.”

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