“There are many ways to say, ‘Thank you’ and many ways in which thanks can be expressed.  It is good that a special day is set aside for men to think about the very word, ‘Thanksgiving’.

Each home, no matter how much hardship is being endured, has something to be thankful for: First, the privilege of the human life, the Goal it was made for; second, the ability to comprehend the importance of using each day to the fullest to accomplish, hopefully in God’s Name, the tasks needed, required and necessary to fulfill a day; three, the word stands out because it attracts man’s thinking to the necessity of giving thanks.

We, here, on Saint Joseph’s Hill Of Hope, have much to be thankful for.  The Hill is God’s, dedicated to a Son Who walked the physical road desiring to please His Creator, desiring to fulfill the physical way of life in the manner decreed to be.  The Hill is to bring Unity, Christianity, Love and Hope to people all over the world.  This Great Hill is to give Teaching to all men so that there will be better understanding regarding the privilege of the human life.

A wise man would not take one day a year to concentrate on Thanksgiving, but he would use a moment of each day to express, in some way, the beauty that is extended in saying first, ‘Thank You, God,’ and then in being good example to all men.”

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