ON JUNE 27, 1976


“The Seed planted by God was fed by The Divine from the beginning.  The Protection of the Tabernacle could only be entrusted to a Divinely–oriented Being.  The suggestion, or I might say, the Message of an Angel, could possibly be misinterpreted in Its Magnitude.  In no way would God The Father have taken the chance to depend upon human error, allowing the will of human heritage to make decisions for such a Great Creation, Project, for the good of man for all time.

Satan, knowing the Magnitude of The Tabernacle, for he was once in Heaven with Her, is using the weaknesses of men in our time to diminish and to destroy Our Heavenly Mother, The Tabernacle, in the eyes of man.  The Protector had, in reality, to be more than a natural born human being.  Joseph, as He was known, did not walk a naïve, immature road of life.  His Intelligence alone would tell Him logic had to be the key, logic beyond man’s human understanding.  Men have diminished His Intellect, His Position, His Birth, by saying He was mere man.  Spiritual Light makes the past reasoning unreal.  Joseph would not have listened to the Commands and Demands of an Angel unless Joseph was inwardly in tune with Divine Will.

The earthly walk of These Three was more than a family.  God, in His Justice, Love and Mercy for all children, would be Logical, Wise, and also Discreet enough for such a Major Task, to not allow human error to intercept, intercede in any way.  He sent forth to the world, of Himself, the Portions of Himself that would leave for all time the Example and the Way for the two major vocations of life.  In reality, He put forth the state of marriage, showing that He would use mankind to establish His Church.  Logically, The Son, in the Tabernacle time, fed off of the Lifeline of God, The Heavenly Mother, Who was Divine.  The Protector, aware of the responsibility, aware of the Magnitude in which He stood, to walk as the Protector, always concerned because of men’s wills, listened to Divine Direction, considered an Angel’s voice.

The Protector had to leave the earth first, for in this Great Position, as a Warrior for God, He could not have stood by and allowed men to crucify a Part of The Father; and, of course, the insults to the Tabernacle were more than He could bear at that time.  He has returned to the world to once again protect The Tabernacle, to protect the Church through which His Son suffered and died for; as, for and through man, satan, totally aware and jealous of The Tabernacle, The Son, and Protector, seeks to destroy the Beauty of the Example for man.  This Great Miracle, alive with logic, alive with hope and alive with teaching, has been planned By God to direct all men to The Tabernacle, to the Church, making them aware that The Protector is here again.  So be it.”

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