ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1971 AT 8:25 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I am your Heavenly Father and I speak with True Wisdom, with True Love.  Please, as you gather in My Name, let nothing interfere with My Plan.

Through this child I speak.  Through her the world must know of a Particular Beloved Saint.  The whole world must gather and know Him for What He Is and How He Was.

As you gather in a group you must pray, you must understand that there is much to come man’s way.  Man is denying truth.  Man is denying love.  Man is not trusting Me.  I am The Father.  You are My creations.

Through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph I am teaching man My Way.  I am giving man a chance to learn to come My Way.  As you walk your daily life, please remember to pray.

I am allowing Other Saints to speak.  I have spoken because I want special attention given to This Miracle of My Beloved Saint.”

“Oh, My children, there is much work to be done.  There is much clearing up to be done.  The evil one is working diligently; he is constantly on the move, he is constantly spreading his evil among the little ones.  As you are set in nature in physical form, remember this — your will is a great part of you.  What you do through your will, with your will, is important to God.  It will be your will that will gain Heaven for you.

The Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is to draw attention to the importance of honoring Him, of loving Him and giving Him prayer.  Do not forget that God is everywhere and that He has given you Saints to imitate and to help you.

I leave now but I leave with Another Saint ready to speak, ready to show love to children who are seeking God’s Way.”


“I am Saint Joseph.  It is God’s Will I speak to you this night.

This child with whom you sit, is, in truth, an instrument of Mine, but she works solely for The Divine.  The Heavenly Three walk with her, and in many ways, teaching all men constantly.  The counseling, the consolation, the love, the trust that I extend through her is God’s Will.  Thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Souls will be saved through This Miracle of Mine.

I bless you for your work.  I bless you in God’s Name and I say: ‘Carry on and do as you know is truth.  Act as you know God Wills, and in all ways, be sure that you are example for all men.’ I bless you as I once did the whole world.  So be it.”


“I, too, am present.  I am Saint Michael.  The Sword I carry is the Sword of Love, the Sword of Purity, the Sword of Obedience, the Sword of Trust.  This Sword you, too, can carry.  It is the Sword God wants all children to know about, to cherish, to carry.  It is not a sword as you know a sword to be.  It is not a blade, but it is God’s Way, God’s Will, God’s Plan for thee.

You must know that the Angels Here work diligently, steadfastly, and yes, harmoniously, as God would wish man would work, together in unity.  There are so many disastrous things occurring throughout the world.  God is allowing certain Souls, certain children to work directly for Him.  You must be conscious of These Words that are coming from Here.

I bless you, My children, with God’s Love.  Remember this night and hold it dear.”


“My sons, My daughters, I am Saint Elizabeth.  My life, My way should prove to all children of later age that there is much work, much use for them.  The new thinking that man has proposed is wrong.  Age is a priceless heir.  It is a beauty to behold.  It is a Gift from God.  Age is a teaching.  Age can give example when nothing else can.  Age can introduce stability, truth, love, patience, tolerance, humility.  Age can show mankind God’s Grace.  Age can give God’s Truth in ways nothing else can.

I speak in a short manner, only because Another Saint will speak soon.  I bless you with My Love.  Go your way and always thank God.”


“I am Saint Agnes.  Many children have prayed to Me and many children are not aware of Me.  Many places My Name must be heard and many schools must know of My road.  So many children are not being taught the Beauty of God and the way love should be thought of.  Children are being scandalized, and in many ways, led to oblivion satan’s way.

You, as you sit in the world today, must face truth and teach it to others along the way.  There are many false prophets in the world right now and there are many children following them all around.  Teach the lives of The Saints and instruct all mankind this way.  Saints must be acknowledged by everyone, for you see, They are important to God for They work constantly in His Way.  So many children are ignoring the Gift of Sainthood and the Grace It is.  Please, My children, remember this.”

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