ON NOVEMBER 17, 1969 AT 1:50 PM


Note: The major portion of this Revelation were replies to questions asked by Bob, the spouse of Mother Frances.

“My son (Bob), I come to you in a fatherly way, in a loving way, and ready to answer your questions; perhaps not in a way, My son, you desire the answers, but We will discuss what you have to say.

The edifice planned by God must be sanctioned by men first before the work is begun.  There will be a parade of Souls who will donate for the cause.  They will become so on fire with My Name, they will insist on honoring Me in this way.

There will be two men who will fight it.  They will say, ‘It is not necessary and it cannot be done now,’ but the child who sits before you will lead the way.  She knows this.  She has said nothing to anyone.  She is a good leader, as you know, and a persistent one.

The day will come and she will say to you: ‘It is time now for the cause.  Let no man turn us from it.’ Some of the work will be of her own making, but with the cause in sight she will drive men to do it.  She will depend much on you and your ability in the business way of man, to handle many things on it.  There will be times she will almost seem brutal to get it done, as there will be a drive within her to accomplish My End.

You will work fastidiously and steadfastly for the Basilica.  You will confer with many men and you will trust their abilities in this direction, but your fervor will grow in a way you would never anticipate.  You will desire to see it completed but your desire will be such, not for the edifice as such, but for the Magnitude of Souls who will pass through it, growing closer to God because of it.  Oh, My son, this will give you such pleasure in My Name and in the Way of God.  You will see Souls helped and you will thank Him Who Is for each Miracle you hear of.

Yes, your time will be needed and you will find your needs will be lessened, your desire for them lessened, and your main existence will depend on God Himself; and within you, you will have a happiness that only God can give you.

This answer would depend on which point of completion you refer to.  In such an undertaking there are steps of completion.  As one ends, another begins.  Rest assured, My son, it will be satisfying, and your growth will be all you will want or need when the time comes.

You are a man who stands in the world in a different way than most.  Your responsibilities are greater than most.  Your love for God is greater than most, and will grow at a faster rate of speed than you could imagine.

As The Miracle progresses, you will progress.  As I am more in evidence to man, you will grow in love for God.  You will recognize My Power immediately and will find a desire for all men to recognize It.  You have experienced this already, have you not? And it will become much greater, stronger, and more evident in time.

And you, My beloved daughter (Marita), are closer to The Miracle than you think.  The child will never let you go.  Any parting would be your decision.  We do not see it.  Your love has grown and will grow more.  There is so much to be taught all men and it takes so much longer for man to accept the Supernatural than it does the natural.

A Blessing at this time will be evident by your relaxed manner when I leave.  The Blessing is of the Heavens and of The Divine.  So be it.”

“The fund for the cause has a special time of beginning.  It will begin when it is safe for the child in regards to The Miracle.  It will be out of her hands but she will be aware of its contents at all times.  The delay on this is necessary until certain action takes place among the clergy.  It should not be too long for their awakening.  Their caution is good, the reason fine; their delay expected, the Purpose Divine.  So be it.”

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