ON DECEMBER 9, 1970 AT 12:50 PM


“My daughters, today is not just another day.  Today is a day of learning God’s Will through a man a distance away.  The men for whom the prayers were said could not help but know that Heaven had a say in the direction they were to play.  Other men will have to know.  It is these other men who might throw buffers up.  Indignities and personalities will come into play, but oh, My daughters, My Basilica is on the way.

Man wants to know the beauty that is Heaven’s and when he is alerted to what must be, many men will come forward to offer gifts, to offer love and to perpetuate the Will of God.  The beauty now that I behold is far beyond your sight.  You cannot see what is to be, but oh, what a delight.  It will be through human hands, human minds, and it will serve mankind; but most of all, it is God’s Will and it will be done by not a few.

Your work has just begun.  You must dedicate your lives to The Holy One.  Years will come and many areas of service will be needed to serve as pilgrims come, for they will be looking for the Truth of God and the Being that is One.  Many will come in sorrow, sadness, illness, wishing, praying for physical help, relief of mental anguish, cures for the sick, the dying.  The Spirit of love, the Spirit of giving, the Spirit of truth will be felt by everyone — God’s Will for Me, His Son.

As the Rosaries are said, there will be an air of happiness, not dread; a feeling of hope, a feeling of love, a feeling that Heaven is truly Above.  Men will leave, not in the same way they came, but reconciled — some to pain, some to knowing that what they are must change.  Some will say: ‘He was man.  He walked my way.  He served The Father.  What more is there to say?’

When a child sings in the Honor of The Father or Our Lady or a Saint, much Love is given for this, but it is to spread like wildfire, the song My children gave to Me, in love and hope that others would see the Beauty of The Miracle that is Me.  Today was just a small part of what is to come.  Let it fill your heart with love.

I bless you from the Heavens and I smile and say, ‘From the Hearts that follow you every day.’ So be it for now.”

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