ON MAY 4, 1972 AT 9:40 PM


“Right now there are many men planning a destructive way.  As you, My children, plan a constructive way, there are many men who do not feel that it is destructive to go against God’s Will.  They do not feel that in any way they are disturbing God’s Plan.  They do not feel that this Hill of Hope is to be the way it has been planned to be, for you see, they say, ‘This cannot be in our day; we do not need such a place.’ And those of you who plan in a constructive way, with God’s Will in mind, God’s Plan as your Goal, you see the value to such a place, you see the truth of such an idea, and you act in firmness toward this Goal.

The groundwork that is being laid out now to draw this place to the Plan God has made, will one day be seen by you in a beautiful way.  You are building an empire of truth.  You are building Saints.  You are encouraging children to seek The Holy Trinity.  You are encouraging children of all kinds, all races, all creeds, to look to God’s Way, and to seek the truth in Bible History.

This Hill, as it appears to many men now, is just a hill.  It will be, when all construction is accomplished, that man will see God’s Will.  So, as you gather in this way of beauty, I, Saint Joseph, say to you: ‘My Mantle covers each one here and as it does, God blesses you.  I cover you with the very same Mantle that I once carried The Child with, and as it covers you, remember, I will protect you from all things with it.’

I bless you with God’s Love and I say, ‘Let no obstacle, let no stone be in your way, for satan is making many obstacles, slimy with his deceit, slimy with his envy, and yes, slippery towards your feet.’ So be it.”

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