ON FEBRUARY 24, 1971 AT 10:10 AM


“Tell all My children who are eager to please Me, to stand at My Knee and confess to Me, to tell Me their faults and weaknesses, and to beg for help from Me.  As I went to the desert to refresh Myself, to prepare Myself for what was to be, I begged The Father for mercy, and I gained strength from My confidence and My trust in what He showed to Me.  The lightning did not strike in the sky, the thunder did not roar, but I felt within My Heart, His Love like never before.

There are so many things to be revealed to men, but man must first ask for help, and trust in The Father’s Hand.  Tell everyone to be humble, to strip themselves of pride, to bury their egos outside of themselves and not within themselves.  Tell man to be conscious of sin and what it does to them.  Tell them to confess the little ones, to cleanse themselves for greater things.  Man so easily forgets the little things he does.  He passes them off with a shrug, but the little things accumulate and cause a wound to be cut deeper.  Remember, do not ignore the little sins for I am ready to forgive them.

I pass this Love on to you to carry in your heart and to share with everyone who desires more of Me.  As I hung upon the Cross for the sins of all mankind, I did not hang for the major ones alone, but every little one did count in the Agony of Mine.  The next days can be for Me, can give you strength, can furnish hope, can place you deeper in My Heart where I want you to be.  There is room enough for every man created by The Father.”

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