ON MAY 5, 1973 AT 9:50 PM


“Most people use conversation as a communication between each other, as a means to accept or request what they desire in the physical life.  Heaven also uses conversation in this manner, for this purpose.  You see, My children, Heaven speaks through this child twenty–four hours a day.  It is constant communication to you.  Many things are directives, many things are requests, many things are just little ideas to help you along the way.  Sometimes it sounds so natural.  Sometimes you are aware of its being Supernatural.  Sometimes the child’s gaiety is to lighten the burden of your way.  Some of you are aware of this.  This also is communication way.

All Heaven speaks through her.  All Heaven comes daily in every manner and in every way.  Saints have spoken — through this child — Who lived a long, long, long, long time ago; and yet, in permission, with permission from The Holy Trinity, They dispense Knowledge, Wisdom, so that all men will be able to realize that God is in True Communication with the world today.

This little one stands in a strength no one knows.  This little one stands surrounded by a Power of The Holy Trinity.  This little one is the Direct Communication from Here to where you are.  The Hill of Hope is as the Star of Bethlehem was — the light for the world to come to, to honor and revere the Greatest Saint Here in the Heavens Where I am.

I, My children, am The Son of God.  I, My children, say to you, ‘I am The Sacred Heart.’ I, My children, say, ‘I, too, walked as man.’ I, My children, say, ‘Thousands of Saints speak through this child each day.’ She is but an instrument for love, peace, truth, obedience, discipline.  She is to teach the world The Commandments God gave, she is to fight heresy in every way.  She has been given a Commission by God to follow it to the end, and each child she approaches with it must understand that the way she walks is not only as man, but in a sense, totally for Divine Reason, so she must walk alone.  The sadness this child feels, and is in, is far different than man knows.

I bless you with My Heart and I say, ‘The Star must shine bright one day, to draw children from all over the world.’  So be it.”

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