ON JULY 18, 1973 AT 11:05 AM


“When a pendulum swings, man cannot help but notice it.  When a clock ticks off time, men are aware that it changes before their eyes.  When men see a True Miracle moving at a pace, a speed, as This One is, men try to ignore It for they say, ‘It cannot be, it is not man’s way.’ Men must understand that in God’s Way, God’s Time, things forge forward and move all the time.  Progress is His Concern for man; that is, progress in His Way so that men’s Souls will return to Him.

Men are seeing a momentum surrounding this child that is brought on by something unseen.  They are aware of a complex Soul, a complex child, one who oftentimes stands indignantly, directing what she knows must be.  The strength that protrudes, exudes from her, through her, from Me, is one alone, for I am The Son of The Holy Trinity.

When I walked the earth, I delivered the pace in which the Apostles would learn, would walk.  I accepted the time of the final Grace according to the Wisdom I knew.  And now, through a child in the human way, Grace is pouring out to the world for men to better understand The Father’s Way.  This child has been placed in a position of Great Circumstance, Great Deliberation.  Men will one day look and say, ‘The momentum had to be caused by a Wind, Heavenly, to have performed this Great Miracle in such a natural way.’”

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