ON JANUARY 13, 1974 AT 6:25 PM


“Man says, ‘We want a leader.’ God says, ‘I am the Greatest Leader of all.’ Man says, ‘We want a man to show us the truth.’ God says ‘I show you the Truth.’ Man says, ‘I want someone to give me the way to Heaven.’ God says, ‘I have given you the path.’ Man says, ‘Teach me how to love.’ God says, ‘I have given you the means and the power and the will.’ Man says, ‘I want justice.’ God says, ‘I am All Justice.’ Man says, ‘With justice, I want mercy.’ God says, ‘With love there is mercy, with mercy there must be justice.’

Man says: ‘The world is all right.  I am happy in it.’ God says: ‘The world is not right.  There is too much sin in it.’ Man says: ‘Let the world stop and I will show you my power.  I will be able to begin it again.’ God says, ‘I Am The Only One Who can begin the world the way it should be for men to be able to hold on to it.’

Man says, ‘I am powerful even though I have no kingdom.’ God says, ‘I am The King of All Kingdoms.’ Man says, ‘Be aware of what is around you.’ God says, ‘Be aware of I Who am in you.’ Man says, ‘I want all things to show my way.’ God says, ‘I Am All Ways and I Am All Things.’ Man says, ‘Teach me how to be in acclaim, to have other men see me as I truly am.’ God says, ‘Pride, ego, is weakness; humility is strength.’

My beloved children, I come to a Place in the world, on the world, where much Grace is bestowed, handled, accepted, and yes, given in a special way.  The Hill that I have placed upon the earth is a Hill that all men must come to and all men must see.  Few men would believe that I would speak thusly.  I burn the child’s eyes with the proof of My Way.  I burn the child’s heart with the Love of My Way; I send out the Rays.  No one must touch the child.

No man in the world would understand the positive role of sacrifice for man.  Few men would accept the role of trial and obey it.  Few men would acknowledge how this child walks for the world, nor the weight of the cross.  Few men care what disturbance is hers.  The world is in need of this child’s penance, sacrifice.”

“I now — Michael, and I take over.  The child will be driven, even through her rejection, because The Miracle of Truth must be delivered to the world.  Hope must be revived, Light must be shown, sacrifice must be once again the way of the world.  I draw her to Me through the Sword of Love, and only The Father can help her rise.  No man has the power.  I show you humility in the form of great love.  Her heart beats, not with emotion but pain of the world.  I bless you with strength through a sacrifice that bears God’s Name.  So be it.”

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