ON APRIL 2, 1974 AT 9:00 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Polycarp.  There are so many children in the world who want so much to believe how God would talk, speak, and ask them to behave.  All Heaven smiles down upon joy, happiness, and yes, mirth.  There are so many things in the world to enjoy.  There are so many children who are willing to enjoy what is beautiful, and there are so few children ready to give them things of great worth.

We, Many Here, smile down upon you tonight and We say, ‘It is your time of day, it is your repast in man’s way, and it is Our joy to see you join together in happiness, Holiness, and yes, goal.’

It is truly I, Saint Polycarp.  Many of you do not know of My Name, but listen and say and know that God sends All of Us Saints to earth below, to help you better understand the beauty that it is to be man, and its great worth.  Allow the goal of the human way to perform in such a manner that you will arrive at the Goal Here one day; the Goal, Sainthood; the way, a beautiful one if you will it to be.

And oh, My children, do enjoy the things of the physical.  Let all things be good, and allow yourselves to be happiness in the world, to bring happiness in the world, so you will show happiness and be example to others who do not feel happiness is part of the world.  Bring happiness when you arrive Here in Heaven, for when you do, We join with you; for remember, Heaven is All Happiness, All Beauty and All Joy.  Please, My children, remember this.  Be happy in the earthly way.  Join together and pray, and when you do, thank Him for each day.

I, Saint Polycarp, bless you with His Love and say, ‘Joyous days bring happiness to all.’ So be it.”

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