ON JUNE 16, 1969 AT 11:00 PM


“My beloved daughter and sons, I, Saint Joseph, come in the Name of The Son of God, Who was also My Son in an earthly way.  This Miracle will flourish among men, as it is the Will of God that It do so.

The child who sits before you, as the daughter I addressed above, walks in the blindness she mentioned, in obedience to God’s Will, and in love for her Creator that few men have.  She is silent oftentimes as she listens for My Presence, beseeching Me to help all the Souls who approach This Miracle in many ways — some in need, some in doubt, some in criticism, some in skepticism, and some in hate.

She has relinquished all rights to her will, for The God she loves.  Many men will recognize this in her as time goes on.  It will be this open act of love that will help many believe God’s Way.  She is delicate, she is small, she is sincere, she is understanding; and above all, she desires to please her God first, mankind second, and very little is left for herself.  It is only through this way that God can reach many Souls.

You will be present at times and you will see her strike out for a reason unknown to you.  Be cautious with what you say.  Be prudent in what you do.  And never criticize her, as it will be Me Who is commanding her to act thusly.  She will recognize deceit, camouflaged by an act of kindness, a smile.  What sadness it is, that a child chosen by God must face these ordeals for Me because of man’s weakness.

She has been fully prepared and belongs solely to God, as I, Saint Joseph, belonged to Him when I walked the earth.  But, My sons, think of This Miracle.  Think of the Love that has thus far emanated from It.  Think of the Souls Who have been helped by It.  Multiply Them over again and again and again and again and again.  Through one child He will reach many because of her love for Him Who Is.  She is the instrument He chose to use.

It is the Will of God that I, Saint Joseph, be heard by all men, teaching them how to love Him, how to direct their lives, and how to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.  For each Soul who comes to The Miracle and spreads the word, the Angels in the Heavens sing songs of joy.  As God’s Will is being done by Me, Our Lady smiles and says, ‘So many Souls, Joseph, will come through This Miracle.’

The child will suffer.  Her needs will become small but the multitudes will become greater.  All men will benefit if they will but trust in the Way of God, in The Miracle, in the Rosary, and in God’s Love.  So be it for now.”

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