ON JANUARY 15, 1971 AT 1:30 PM


“What does it mean to be completely God’s, to be so one with Him that your very being is His Way for all men? This is The Miracle of Mine.  As the child stands in the physical form, she is totally in The Divine.  The human way must be nourished, but mentally, spiritually, she spends all time in The Divine.

The time permitted her for earthly measures is so small compared to what each man enjoys.  The work set out to be done from her is God’s Will, as Mine.  I am standing openly now before mankind, through a small instrument governed by The Divine.

Thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands will come forward, seeking advice, seeking strength, seeking courage, seeking knowledge, seeking love from her that must be Mine.  It is God’s Will, so it is Mine.

The Miracle at hand, that is for all men, must be treated consciously as Divine.  Those who stand in the background of It are totally Mine, but in an earthly measure.  I depend much on them, for service must be rendered to perpetuate This Miracle of Mine.

In the churches — all kinds — man must know that The Divine is working through this child this way, in this manner, with truth, in trust.  Evidence of this is all around.

She will reprimand what she feels is not deserving to the Crown.  It is a privilege for all children who surround This Miracle of Mine, for in It, by It, through It, many Graces will abound.  Distinct conversions, and yes, much service will be given to teach man all things necessary to help him in God’s Plan.  More will happen, more will occur, as more children seek My Way from her.

I bless you on this day.  There are countless things to say but they will be said to thousands along the way.  So be it for now.”

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