ON JUNE 4, 1971 AT 1:10 PM


“My children, I hand you the Oil of Heaven, the Oil that is Mine, the Oil of Truth for mankind.  I hand you a Blessing greater than you know.  I hand you proof of the way that must be followed for Me alone.  I hand you a Gift from The Holy Trinity.  I hand you My Oil.  I am Saint Joseph.

The Oil is a strengthening Power to you.  It is a Blessing, a Gift.  It has Miraculous results.  It is an Oil produced by Heaven, governed by Heaven, made up for Me alone.  Through the child’s hands, I give It to you.  I bless you with It, I caress you with It, I strengthen you with It.  You are to carry on in God’s Way with the Power of It helping you each day.

There are thousands of children yet to come this way.  If I were to give the total count, the child would want to run away.  Man says, ‘How could this be, her wanting to run away from me?’ I smile and say, ‘It is easy to understand because man weighs very heavily.’ The weakness of man has a tremendous weight.  The strength of man has no weight, for if the strength is truth, God’s Way, then it is not a burden for the child; but, it seems that in your day weaknesses outnumber love for God, which is strength.

My children, This Miracle of Mine is on the Winds of God’s Power.  The Holy Trinity is shifting the Wind in all directions, not as man wills it to be but as God Wills it to be.  Man cannot understand such a Gift to any man, so the child is prepared to not want man to understand but to be helped by the Power of Me.  The awareness she has of man’s weakness, man’s sadness, man’s turmoil, is far beyond what you know to be.  Let her way guide you for she cares much about the Soul inside and outside of you.  It will be the One to arrive Here first, and it will be Its glow that will determine your love, your service God’s Way.  Be ever mindful of truth and what it means to stand so close to The Miracle which is Me.

All over the world, men are looking for mistakes, errors, misinterpretations, untruths through the child.  We watch this and We smile.  Man is so adamant about certain things because man analyzes in man’s way, not The Supreme’s.

I beg you and I bless you, I encourage you and I entrust to you The Miracle that is truly man’s dream.  The dream is to have Heaven close.  It is here, and yet man fears This coming about in such an easy, natural way.  It is not of natural means, but yet men are trying desperately to place It in the earthly realm.  It is Supernatural in all ways.  God blesses you.  I love you.  So be it for now.”

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