IN JULY, 1973


“It is so much easier to be gentle, considerate, understanding, loving, than to be firm, strong, deliberate and persistent.  Man’s nature is to be loved and to love.  God’s Nature is to be Just, and when a child is chosen by The Father, the child must learn to balance human nature with God’s Nature.  This is where the burden comes.  Practicality is to sometimes save human emotions, fears, and even stop fatalities.  Divine Nature is to confront so that men will be able to stand firm, strong on what they know is truth, fact, wisdom, right.  So I have taken a small creature, a little one, and I have put her into a mixing bowl of Love, Strength, and I have formed a mold to fight for What I Am.

I am not a Saint.  I Am a Divine Creator.  I am The Motion of the world.  I am The Shifting of the waters.  I am The Universe to guide all Souls.  I am The Gift of Dignity.  I am The Distributor of Truth.  I am The Conserver of energy.  I am The God of all of you.  I Am Perfection, I Am Creation, I Am Supreme.  And whenever I choose a child, men cannot understand what I mean, so the child must suffer and be able to stand the blows of the mixing bowl — the bowl of honor.

Men have called the arena a place where not justice was seen, but egotism, power, and yet now they call it ‘a bowl’ where music is played, harmony displayed, and men enjoy human parade.  This child has been placed on a tightrope in the center of an arena, in all types of courts of law, and I add, My Mixing Bowl.  Justice she will never receive, but her fight for it will drive men on to victory.  She knows this.  She has not asked for justice to her, for I will be The Only One Who will give it to her.  But it will be the fight she will give that will cause justice in the world, for Souls to live.  The Passion is being replayed, the compassion will have to be delayed.  The child is a warrior, the child is tossed in the bowl for Souls.  What more can I say? Through Justice of Me, men will expect so much from her.

Many men fear her, hate her, dislike her.  Many men stand in judgment of her, wishing her dead.  She is up for criticism, she is up for trial, she is up to be ridiculed beyond what any man could stand.  She is up to face confrontation.  She is up for men to begin to reflect, conflict, restrict.  She is up on the pillar of execution.  She is up on the desert of loneliness, high from man’s reach, for she knows in her speech only she has the strength to follow through, to fight, to confront, to submit to the interrogation.

Men are sitting aside to knock her down, make her a spectacle.  She fears not for herself, but what every move she does, will do for another child.  ‘A warrior, a fighter, a human dynamo,’ men say, and the same man will knock her down and throw stones at her each day.  They want her to say ‘Yes’ for them, to say ‘Not’ for them, say ‘Maybe’ for them, to stand in front of them when the blows come.  She says: ‘This is not what The Miracle is all about.  You must learn to stand on your own two feet and fight for The Holy Trinity.’

Men will never understand this child.  Men will never truly care for what happens to her; they will say it was God’s Will.  How easy words come to those who do not suffer for Me, The Holy One.  But as I send the child away for partial rest, partial diversion, partial test, I am assured she will come back stronger My Way.  As she looks into the eyes of other men, it is always to search out My Plan, to honor Me more, to serve Me better, to commit herself more totally to Whom I Am.  The bitterness is as gall; the weight, the weight of the world; the hurt, personal; the dilemma, ‘Why can man not see the Truth I stand in?’ The appalling feature of this whole Miracle to her is that I am so Real, so Just, so Personal, and men reject the goal, fight the means to it, and want recognition from it.

I bless you in the world.  I have given you insight, I have given you a look into a bowl being mixed for every Soul in the world, and I add, even those who are in Purgatory now are depending upon this child to speak out so strongly, to stand so firmly that men will make reparation for their Soul.  So be it.”

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