ON OCTOBER 1, 1973 AT 11:45 PM


“My beloved children, men respond to each other physically, emotionally, technically, and sometimes spiritually.  Few men respond to Me, and yet I am The Father of All.  When I said that men respond spiritually, it is usually to a given idea, theme; and now I come to the world through a child such as you, and I give the world a Biblical Theme for man to respond to easily, quickly, instantaneously.

I want men to come from all over the world.  I am gathering them one by one.  It is as if I am picking seeds out of a garden, to be able to be planted here, to gather My Way, My Will, My Thoughts, My Ideas, for a theme to give mankind the strength to understand, realize, accept, follow the given Rules.  You see, My little ones, the land that you stand on, partake in, work for, reflect to others, belongs to Me.  It is a sadness when I know children of Mine have to work so hard to gather the funds, the means, the way and the manner to give to the world My Theme.

Oh, My children, be aware that I do care, that I do understand it is difficult for man to walk just for Me, but I want you to know that when this Great Place is accomplished according to My Will, men will plead with each other to come here.  Men will be drawn to this Hill.  There is a magnet in this Hill.  Keep this in mind, for I placed the Heart of The Son of The Divine in a special place, a certain area, to aid the physical.  This knowledge alone will give many, many, many, many, many, many men the strength to go on.  They will know that My Heart, the Heart of My Son, was placed physically into this ground.

Many men are wondering if this child is of truth.  They want her to be, but they are afraid of it, and many men are ready to fight this child, for if she is right, if she is truth, they will have to take a deeper root, and men do not want to do this.  The very presence of her, the very look into her eyes frightens some men, and when the child sighs, it is usually when the Power is so Great and I am so noticeably within.

I have never asked a child to walk in the land, on the land, for Me, such as This.  My Son’s Way was similar, but certainly, as you know and have guessed, different; but this little one who walks, walks steadfastly, earnestly, and yes, always handing out hope, for you see, it will be through hope that men will come to this Place.  And when they walk across that great bridge, the bridge that will connect the physical with the Spiritual, some will want to turn around and run back and others will want to stay on the bridge and see if, on the other side, they will be attacked by the Beauty of the Heavens.

They will want Miracles galore and the Greatest Miracle in the world is My Personal Touch through a child.  What more can I give? Through a child I speak, through a child I teach, through a child I show the path for Eternal Bliss.  I am Supreme in Power, Divine in Way, Just in Judgment, Merciful in Every Way, and to all mankind, through this Great Hill of Hope, I give hope physically, mentally, spiritually, and yes, I also express to each child, Divine Way.  I teach The Commandments, one by one, so children will be able to better understand the Beauty, the Truth, the Magnitude of Me.

The child is in the world but no longer of it.  She knows this.  The child reacts normally, naturally, openly, always listening for Me.  It is a difficult Path, and yet a Path that had to be for this Great Project of Mine, of Biblical Theme, to come to the world so openly.  Children must know that they must learn the whole Story of My Way.  They must learn My Rules and they must learn that there is a Goal to the physical that is not taught lately.

All through time men have used different ways to degrade Me.  Now, men are openly saying that What My Son gave to the world is only symbolic.  That is not so, for every Drop of Blood He shed was left and gathered up to give the world My Love firsthand.  All men remember the Miracle of the loaves and fishes.  My Son’s Blood was shed to this degree — It poured and It poured and It poured, beyond what any man contains.  No one has ever noticed this, and with each Piece of Bread you partake in at the Altar of My Way, has a Touch of Him, which is a Touch of Me, to give you physical, mental and Spiritual strength.

Today, it could be said, I abused My little child.  I bring back the burning for reasons of My Own, but because of her tiredness I will refrain from causing the burning to reach the degree of what man would call ‘hot coals’.  But, as I burn her physical, it is to penetrate the Eyes of her Soul, for her to see deeper, longer, brighter, and more purely, what is expected in Divine Role.

Her eyes are burning.  She screams for the Water to come to cool the area but I must wait, for the burning that is taking place is as it was with My Son when they drove into His Head the Crown of Thorns — the Blood rushed forth.  I slowly cool off the burning with the water of the human way, for if the truth be known, the pain is so great.  Oh, what abuse I have to inflict on a child to walk so committed to a Project so worthwhile.

I cool the backs of her eyes.  They’re flooded inside for she could not stand the Rays of My Love for man.  I want the world to better know My Plan.  The child is about ready to scream out loud but she will control it.  She promised Me.  The water is gathering because of the heat I must project for the purity of Light she has to accept.  I will now release the pain slowly.  It is not pain as you know pain to be, in some ways.  Now, I have cooled the back of the eyes to a degree.

The tightrope the child walks will one day be obvious to the world, for men will cross the ravine, but on a sturdy bridge, the link between the physical, the Spiritual, in Biblical Theme.  So be it.”

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