ON MAY 31, 1972 AT 1:02 PM


“Let me tell you what I see.  He is standing, He is sitting, He is hovering in a position like this.  He is walking.  And, of course, I do not see His Face and I do not understand just what it is I truly see, but it appears to me as a form.  I feel the smile, but I do not see the smile.  I hear the Words, but They are not sound to me.  I feel the Presence of a Being, but it is not as your presence is to me.  I feel a joy that I feel with nothing else, and I almost feel a sadness, but it is not a sadness as I know one to be.  I do not feel anxiety, but I feel desire to please.  I do not feel emotional, but I feel motion, and He has said that the motion I feel is the Wind of His Power all around me.

I wait solely for Him to speak.  I listen for what I cannot hear, for I know that the Words that will come through me are His and I hold Them dear.

I make no efforts to see features.  It is not necessary.  My whole will says to me to do only His; a moment of togetherness, of unity, that bespeaks only solid truth.  I stand within myself, and yet, to partake in this Great Event, I must stand outside of myself.

I feel the Perfection He is, the Purity He radiates, and I feel only trust in whatever He tells me.

I feel that to leave the world and be totally in His Care would be the Greatest Gift He could give any man.  And yet, the unworthiness I feel of this Gift shows me that I must stay here to prepare, in a single way, all alone, to one day walk with Him through Eternity, which has no end.

I feel a solemn attitude, but in this I feel peace, relaxed, content.  I feel direction, and I know that this is His Love and it will last.

I feel a great need for truth, and I see the need for others to follow this.  I humbly wish that all men could respond to this Sacred Bliss, for it is One Alone, and I know I want no escape from it.

As my Words are guided by Divine Love, They are spoken for you to hear, so you will desire to share this Love of His.  Men are seeking Him in wrong ways, through wrong means, when, to love Him takes little effort, only submission to His Will, and to put It above all things.

Prayer is unity with Him.  Prayer is the means to grow in love with Him.  Prayer is necessity, for in it there is strength, courage, and this is a great means to hold on to Him.

At this moment I desire His Company alone, and yet He refuses me because of His Love for me.  He announces to me, in Our communication way, that I must stay and serve every day, for through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, the world will get to know The Father more, His Way better, and His Plan will be obvious to every man.

The time for this Great Miracle, when it was announced in Heaven, drew great joy from All present, for They have waited a long time for God to announce This Miracle to the world.  Thousands will be drawn to the Hill of Hope.  And now that the first rung on the physical ladder has been approached, there are more rungs to be climbed to the top of the Hill which has been designed by The Divine.

There is no gathering of children on the Hill that He is not there.  He has designed it so, and as I am obedient to His Care, you who gather in love of Him, in support of His Wish, His Desire, His Will, you must grow so deeply in love with Him that in all things you will desire to do His Will.

You are blessed by Him through my physical, for in doing this in this manner, He draws you close to the core of The Miracle.  When in doubt of His Love, ask Him.  When in need in a physical way for anything, ask Him.  When fear grips you and seems as though it is strangling you, He will free you to work further for Him.  You are blessed, you are loved, you are needed.  Let These Words give you strength to go on to the top of the Hill, desiring no acclaim, only the joy of serving Him.  So be it.”

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